El equipo de CDB

Human team

Clínica Dental Barcelona is committed to the patient, so our human team is ready to make you feel in the best hands. We offer a team of dentists, specialists, hygienists and assistants who have been part of our team for over 10 years. You will have the confidence of knowing who is attending you.

Many of our professionals are teachers or they collaborate with Universities, and we are an accredited center for practical training of dental hygienists and dental assistants. In Clínica Dental Barcelona we aim to provide the best service to the patient, and thus we encourage the participation of our staff in training courses as to be able to offer the most innovative treatments.

We love what we do and a job well done and this results in the good atmosphere that permeates the clinic.

Periodically we conduct clinical sessions where all specialists collaborate to discuss highly complicated cases. We assess the best options for the patient and assure you our best service.

Medical Directors

Dr. Alonso González, Óscar

COEC 2.045

Dr. Pasquin Comalrena de Sobregrau, Santiago

COEC 2.100
General Dentistry

Dra. Cardona Altes, Sylvia

COEC 2.902

Dra. Maza Millán, Laura

COEC 3.501

Dra. Muñóz Bollas, Valentina

Dra. Lechuga Cisneros, Marta

COEC 4.104

Dra. Arroyo Balaguer, María

COEC 4.235

Dra. Mestre Galofre, Lucrecia

COEC 4.718

Dr. Portillo Vallet, Santiago

COEC 4.976

Dr. De Urbiola Alís, Ignacio

COEC 5.019

Dra. Ólle Pascual, Núria

COEC 5.500

Dra. María Ovejero Rodriguez

COEC 6.447

Dra. Noelia Leiva Gros

COEC 6.465

Dr. Zuleta de Reales Torrella, Rodrigo

COEC 7.227

Dra. Marta Saumell Carretero

COEC 6962

Dra. Carla Morales Garcia

COEC 7531

Dr. Martínez Ripoll, Pedro David

COMB 26.836

Dr. Sanchéz Giavay, Claudio Martin

COMB 38.921

Dra. Suñe Regi, Mireia

COEC 4.768

Dra. Aznar Gómez, Mireia

COEC 3.900

Dr. Buenechea Imaz, Ramón

COL 25.073

Dr. Alonso González, Óscar

COEC 2.045

Dr. Jiménez Ruiz, Alfonso

COEC 2.035

Dra. Aznar Gómez, Mireia

COEC 3.900
Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Buenechea Imaz, Ramón

COL 25.073

Dra. Losada Martínez, Meritxell


Yola Rovira

Esther Serra

Luisa Murillo

Judith García

Marta Fuentes


Judith García

Auxiliary team

Rosa Martínez

Kamila Nicollette

Luis Antón

Karen muñoz

Susana Solé

David Alonso

Jordi Benavent

Hygienists and nurses team

Jonatan Muñoz

Marta Fuentes

Neus Esparza

Carmen Pérez

Judith García

Rosa Mª Dos Santos

Tania Rodríguez

Neli Georgieva

Mireia Solsona

Yola Rovira

Esther Serra

Luisa Murillo

Lesly Peña

Mª Jesús Llanes

Marta Pasquin

Vanessa Hernandez

Quality management

Marta Fuentes

Sterilization team

Carmen Curull

Sandra Soto

Administrative department-Reception

Escarlata Mestre

Araceli Sevilla

Mery Hernández

Maite Perucho

Barbara Noblom

Administrative department-Management

Torrella Jordana, Monsín

Milá Canals, Anna

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