• The aim of ClÍNICA DENTAL BARCELONA is to perform our activity based on an exhaustive and advanced dentistry, always increasing quality, and placing us one step beyond the patients’ expectations, with a high level of safety in the outcome of therapies.
  • To create an organizational culture which will help to reach the company targets, focused on satisfying personal and professional need of the whole staff.
  • Our target is to become the dental clinic of reference, a leader in the area.

Commitment to quality

  • Will to satisfy the patient. The future of our organization will be determined by the quality of our answer to the patient needs, as well as by the qualification and involvement of our employees.
  • The core of our organization is our staff, for whom we will always provide a working environment which enhances its motivation, techniques and pride in its contribution to a well done job.
  • Working under the fundamental rule of respect and observance of applicable norms and regulations.
  • Get external certification of the quality levels achieved.

Operating values

  • Honesty with patients and at workplace must be the main characteristic of our image.
  • Team working, with involvement and collaboration of all the staff in a coordinated way, in a technologically advanced work environment.
  • A team communicating openly, encouraging answers.
  • To guarantee the right education and training.
  • To offer a safe working environment.
  • To encourage initiative, innovation and creativity.
  • Acknowledgment of individual and team achievements.

Principles of Clinical Management

  • All actions in our clinic are guided by a conservative spirit regarding stomatological structures of the patient and the performance of a minimal procedure, thus placing the patient before the client at all times.

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