“We are aware of the importance of a nice smile”

  • It helps maintaining a healthy appearance
  • It improves self-esteem

The look of unattractive teeth can be improved by using different methods.

  1. Teeth whitening
  2. Composite veneers
  3. Ceramic veneers
  4. Metal-ceramic or whole-ceramic crowns (caps)
  5. Cosmetic orthodontics
  6. Periodontal cosmetic surgery

Teeth whitening

It is a treatment in which the active ingredient used is hydrogen peroxide, enhancing its high whitening effect by a high intensity halogen light.

Depending on the natural color of each person’s teeth, the effectiveness of tooth whitening varies; the results are better in yellowish than in grayish teeth. A previous exam is recommended in order to assess the option of this type of treatment; a detailed explanation will be provided, and any doubts you have about it will be solved.

Composite veneers

They consist of the reconstruction of the smile on the teeth themselves, using last generation composite with properties similar to tooth enamel.

The restorations are performed in a single session per dental arch..

It is the best choice for young people. Due to its low aggression and high degree of reversibility, it retains the most of the healthy tooth structure and allows any further alternative.

Ceramic veneers

They are porcelain laminae that mimic the appearance of the tooth and stick to its outer surface. They are the most aesthetic restorations, since ceramic color never changes and the appearance of the tooth remains the same as the first day.

Due to its color stability, they are recommended in patients with particularly aggressive oral chemistry, able to degrade composites quickly.

Porcelain crowns, dental caps

These are structures (caps) that cover the entire tooth. They are placed as a protection on badly worn or weakened, submitted to root canal, rebuilt, or fractured teeth.

These are the most robust restorations and they have been used for more than thirty years. They allow modifying the shape and placement of the teeth (aligning, leveling, correcting rotation, etc.).

Its aesthetic quality is very high. The do not change color.

Cosmetic orthodontics

We provide you with very aesthetic solutions, either discreet or hidden.

  • Ceramic brackets: Having the same color as the tooth, they provide a good discretion. The ceramic material holds color during treatment, favoring aesthetics and discretion.
  • Tongue brackets: Both the bracket and the wire are hidden on the inner side of the teeth, thus increasing aesthetics and discretion.
  • Invisalign: No brackets or wires. We use undetectable splints to correct the alignment of teeth. It is our most discreet technique.

Periodontal cosmetic surgery

There are several interventions at gum and mucous membranes level, for aesthetic purposes. They are hardly aggressive techniques that produce great aesthetic changes.

  • Crown lengthening
  • Covering grafts
  • Bulking grafts

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