Conscious sedation

“Forget the fear to the dentist.”

  • Get treatment in a relaxed way and without anxiety.
  • Ideal for patients who are unable to bear the dental treatment.
  • Feeling of wellbeing without losing consciousness.

Fear of the dentist is a major cause of neglect of the mouth by the patient. Today all interventions are painless thanks to local anesthesia.

Fear can be eliminated through conscious sedation; it consists of reducing the level of consciousness, always under the technical supervision of a qualified anesthesiologist. The patient responds to stimuli and simple commands such as opening the mouth, etc. Administered drugs are of very short action, so after the surgery the patient recovers very quickly, and can go home without any problems.

Our center provides technical and human capacity to perform these procedures with the utmost care and safety assurance. Normally it is linked to oral and implant surgery, but at the request of the patient it may accompany any treatment.

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