“We help the small ones to feel good at the dentist”

  • Teeth health from the beginning
  • Childhood and adolescence-specific treatments.
  • Good oral health habits.

Pediatric dentistry deals with oral health of children and adolescents. It aims to prevent and treat all dental problems, both in temporary teeth and in young, permanent teeth.

It is a good idea to visit the dentist at an early age (2-3 years), to help children to get used to an unfamiliar environment, lose their fear of the dentist, and learn that it is important to care for your mouth and teeth, thus improving your hygiene and food habits.

It is also necessary to detect bad habits, such as keeping the pacifier or thumb sucking after two years of age, or solving problems which are very common at early ages as trauma, decay, malformation, eruption or position teeth problems, hygiene and diet habits, as well as soft tissue or joint problems.

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