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Dental emergencies Barcelona

Dental injuries, such as trauma or fractures, as well as oral conditions can appear at any time and place and not only cause pain, but also limit our quality of life, hindering our ability to eat or speak.

Institutions, private sports associations, sports clubs, mutual insurance companies and travel medical insurance companies trust on the quality of our dental emergency service in Barcelona.

Therefore, if you are looking for a dental emergency service in Barcelona, we are your clinic.

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Emergency dentist Barcelona

We have an emergency dentist service in Barcelona open from 9 to 24h, to meet different types of dental emergencies that arise either by accident, infection, or other reasons.


Among the conditions that we treat in the field of dental emergencies in Barcelona are the following:


  • Emergencies due to dental infection: pulpitis, periapical infection, dental or periapical abscess, pericoronaritis and acute gingivitis.
  • Emergencies due to mucosal inflammation: oral aphthous ulcers and stomatitis.
  • Emergencies due to trauma or after dental treatment: dental fracture, post-exodontic bleeding, treatment with prosthesis or orthodontics and mandibular luxation.
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Emergency dentist for children

Emergency dentist for children

Just as adults can present oral injuries or conditions, babies, children, and adolescents can also suffer from them at any time and place, causing discomfort and limiting their quality of life.

That is why in our clinic we also have an emergency dental service for children and adolescents in Barcelona.

An emergency dentist for children is ready to intervene to treat the problems of the little ones from 9 to 24 hours, 365 days a year.

We solve the dental problem urgently and then we refer the patient to their doctor so that they can follow up the case and treat it according to their criteria.

Our children’s dental emergency service also offers attention to institutions, private sports associations, sports clubs, mutual insurance companies and travel medical insurance, so that the youngest members of the family are taken care of as soon as possible.

Specialists in dental emergencies in Barcelona

In our clinic we are specialists in dental emergencies in Barcelona. Our extensive experience in the treatment of trauma shows that immediate action has a considerable impact on the prognosis of the affected teeth.

Our wide range of dentists, specialists, hygienists and assistants, specialists in dental emergencies in Barcelona, have been part of our staff for more than 10 years, which provides confidence and guarantee of effectiveness to our patients.

In addition, they attend courses of expansion and renewal of knowledge to improve the service and to offer the best treatments and the most effective emergency care.

Dental emergencies Barcelona

Dental emergencies that we serve:

Dental infection emergencies


An inflammation of the dental pulp, the nerve tissue that nourishes the tooth. Since there is not enough space to swell, it causes severe pain. The most common causes are dental caries or trauma.

Periapical infection

A proliferation of bacterial plaque which increases the volume of the soft tissues adjacent to the tooth. At the emergency room you will be receive a treatment of antibiotics and analgesics to calm the pain and stop the bacterial advance.

Dental or periapical abscess

Also known as phlegmon, it is a soft tissue infection but in a more advanced stage, with the appearance of pus in the area


An infection of the soft tissue covering the crown of erupting molars, causing pain and inflammation.

Acute gingivitis

An inflammation of the gums, sometimes causing bleeding. Some of the symptoms include bad breath, sore gums, bleeding, etc., and immediate treatment with antibiotics is necessary.

Emergencies due to inflammation of the mucous membranes

Mouth sores

These are the well-known ulcers or sores that appear in the mucosal tissue (inside of the cheeks, base of the gums, soft palate, tongue and inside of the lips). They are very painful and of viral origin.


An inflammation in the mucosa of mouth structures such as cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, throat, or base of the mouth. If it causes severe pain, it is important that the emergency dentist can administer a treatment to relieve it.

Emergencies by trauma or after dental treatment

Dental fracture

If you fall or receive trauma to the mouth area, one or more teeth may be affected. Whether it is the fracture of a small portion of the crown or if there is exposure of the pulp, the root of the tooth or the alveolar bone that houses it, Clínica Dental Barcelona will apply the most appropriate treatment to save the tooth.

Jaw dislocation

Due to excessive mouth opening or due to an impact, there may be damage to the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. This can result in pain, weakness and even deviation or increased facial volume.

Post extraction bleeding

When bleeding caused by the extraction of a tooth lasts longer than usual.

Prosthetic or orthodontic treatment

If, either naturally or due to an impact, you suffer damage to the materials placed in the oral area, you should go immediately to the emergency room.

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Dental emergencies prices

The price of emergency dental therapies depends on the specific situation of each patient.

In our clinic we offer our patients the possibility of financing their treatments derived from a dental emergency, since we do not want the price to be an obstacle for our patients to obtain the treatment they need.

To help our patients to maintain their oral health we can finance their treatments totally or partially with a credit of up to 12 months without interest. In addition, up to 3000€ we do not ask for additional documentation.

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More than 25 years of experience

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We attend your emergencies with the latest technology

We have the best team, the most innovative technology, and the most advanced techniques in dental emergencies in Barcelona.


Interest-free financing for dental emergencies

Finance all or part of your dental emergency treatment with up to 12 months interest-free credit.